Village Invest

How does Village Invest work?



You choose a project type or village to lend to.


When the project is funded, your loan is transferred to a village-led financial organization to disburse. Your money helps an entrepreneur to build a better future.


Your loan is repaid by the village savings and credit organization, to make sure it is repaid on time and to reduce any hardship on an individual borrower.


You are kept regularly updated on how your money is helping your village.


You can withdraw your capital and interest or you can reinvest

Village Invest, a crowd lending
platform with a difference


Your investments will help to build a sustainable economic future in some of the poorest areas of the world. We want to keep your investment risk low, but the social impact of your loan high. To do this we have created a comprehensive rating system that assesses each level of the lending chain and applies ratings across a range of criteria to assess transparency, governance and accountability, social inclusion, organizational effectiveness and financial discipline.
$1,480 Fully funded
Beauty salon eyebrow threading in Saki Saheli, Rajasthan, India


Small enterprise

Mobeena has already taken several loans and is working determinedly towards her goals for her children and grandson. Her next plan is to take a loan to support her daughter-in-law's beauty salon.

$1,480 Fully funded
A welder hammers iron in his workshop in Saki Saheli, Rajasthan, India


Small enterprise

Prahlad is a welder and father of three. He is looking for a loan so that he can increase his client base and ensure the highest possible level of education for his children.

$1,480 Fully funded
A woman stiches a cotton blanket for her small business, Saki Saheli, Rajasthan, India


Small enterprise, Small shop

Saddam and Ruxanna already run a successful family business making and selling winter bedding. They're looking for a loan to expand into a business that will be profitable all year round. 

$1,480 Fully funded
A business woman poses at her cosmetics and accessories stall at Sakii Saheli market, Rajasthan, India


Small shop, Business, Small enterprise

Parveena is a small business owner from Saki Saheli cluster in Rajasthan. She's looking for a loan to make herself financially independent. 

$1,534.80 Fully funded
A woman famer carries irrigation pipes through her land, Rajasthan, India


Agriculture, Dairy, Livestock

Lada Devi is a 60 year old widow. She and her husband were never well off and couldn't afford to pay their children's school fees long enough for them to finish high school. She still lives with two of her sons and they all work as farm laborers. She would like to invest in their livestock and make sure that she can start saving for her, and her children's future.

$463.86 Fully funded
A woman stands outside her home in Rajasthan, North West India



Shimla Devi and her husband husband Chandi live in a  small, mud and stone house. They are looking for a loan to protect their land, help increase their profits and give them the added income they need to give their girls a better home. 

$800 / $1,226
A woman milks her buffalo, Rajasthan, India


Agricultural products, Dairy, Livestock

Gajara married her husband Lalaram when she was just 12 years old. The couple are struggling to pay school fees and would like a loan to make sure their kids can stay in education.

$0 / $1,540
A woman tends to her crops near her home in Rajasthan, India


Agriculture, Livestock, Dairy

Ladi lives with her husband, their children and her husband’s parents. She takes care of the whole household and is determined to provide the best possible future for all of her children. She is looking for a loan to invest in their land and cattle. 

$500 / $1,538


Industry, Business, Agriculture

Prem Devi is illiterate and missed out on an education before getting married at the age of 18. She and her husband work several jobs. They would like a loan to expand their family business and have a more stable income. 

$1,100 / $1,538


Business, Small shop

Santokh worked her way from farm laborer to business owner. Now she wants to give her son the head start she didn't have; she is applying for a loan to help set up his business.

$350 / $1,453
A woman and her husband stand next to their electronics shop, Rajasthan, India


Beauty Salon

Savitri married her husband Hira Lal when she was just 17 years old. They now have two school-aged children and she is determined to provide them with a good educaton. She is looking for a loan to set up a cosmetics shop.