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Crowd lending with a difference

Village Invest is a social enterprise helping some of the world’s poorest people break out of cycles of debt and poverty. We make sure that money is in the hands of the people who need it most, and that they are ready to invest it in profitable activities.



Our History

Village Invest is the brain child of Barbara Verardo and Meena Munshi. Through long experience of working with the world’s poorest people for global institutions they have come to believe passionately that access to credit can transform lives. And not just for borrowers themselves, but for all those around them, changing the way of life for whole villages.

Barbara and Meena have diligently developed and refined a program for village level investment management that gives local people the tools and structures they need to manage their own credit without the support of financial intermediaries.

How we work

We make sure that your investment brings sustainable change to people and communities. We do this by developing and supporting accountable, transparent and inclusive local institutions and grassroots  leadership. We make sure that it will be there for generations to come and will ultimately bring down cost of financial services to the poor.

By working through trusted local partners we are able to adapt to the real needs of communities, whether that’s helping farmers adapt to climate change or finding ways to engage with youth. Whatever we do, our priotities are set by the experts – local people!

We work closely with our borrowers. We help them to build up resilience to financial shocks by increasing their financial awareness, credit history and performance, and simultaneously developing their ability to make financial plans, savings and better informed decisions.

Through our community institutions we offer borrowers hands on learning and training in in financial literacy (including budgeting), business/investment planning and management, risk reduction strategies, gender inclusion and leadership.

Reducing risk and cost

Our focus on local administration, cost effective but reliable methods and performance tracking technology reduces risk and cost to both borrowers and investors (You)!

We do this by:

  • tracking performance and impact and analyze data systematically to continuously adapt and improve our model (and share our learning with our borrowers and partners!)
  • partnering with community savings and credit organizations which administer loans and with agencies whose mission is to support them
  • using cost effective Village Invest technology to collect, assess and monitor data which allows us to track risks and quality in real time
  • working in lean and agile teams, often remotely and always flexibly

What we offer to our lenders

Your choice to lend through Village Invest is a choice to lend differently.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in changing the lives of some of the world’s poorest people! All villages and individuals listed on this site are real* and your investment will go directly to the individual or village you have chosen.

Unlike traditional, or even social finance saving schemes, you can choose to whom and how to invest your money and the loan interest is repaid. All loans are repaid, with a fair rate of interest, through community organizations and you can even track your investment in real time by logging into your dashboard. You can see the change you are making as it happens.

An investment does not have to be financial. We recognize that many of our supporters have specialist skills and a wealth of experience. We offer them the opportunity to invest their expertise, knowledge and networks. Sounds like you? Get in touch to find out more.

Put profit where it should be, in the hands of people.


*names may have been changed to maintain confidentiality and for data protection policy reasons.