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Alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Village Invest is committed to the UN’s vision of a world without poverty and hunger by 2030.

In 2016 the United Nations set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030.

Village Invest aims to reduce poverty by working with village savings and credit groups that are owned and run by the communities we serve. Using lessons learned from decades of expertise in international development, we take a holistic, tech-enabled approach to increase the impact of your loans and make sure your money is put to good use.

Our in-house technology, the Data Analytics, Rating, and Tracking Tool (DART), helps families to develop business plans that include realistic loan requirements and repayment schedules. DART also allows entrepreneurs and their families to assess their own finances as they move from poverty into prosperity.

Technology and the SDGs

We use DART to measure the performance of village savings and credit groups over time. We also track the impact of your loans on families’ goals as well as against the following SDGs.

Meeting the SDGs


No Poverty: In 2013, more than 10% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty—i.e., on less than $1.90 a day. The vast majority of these people live in rural areas and are employed in the agricultural   sector. They’re not served by banks due to their lack of credit history or collateral, so they’re unable to start or scale up their farms and small enterprises—unless you decide to use your money to invest in them.   More than 90% of the people who receive your loans are classified as ‘extreme poor’ or ‘poor’.

Gender Equality: DART enables us to monitor, track, and measure gender-related indicators. We focus on marginalized households, which are often headed by women. All the village credit and savings groups we work with are run by women, and at least 80% of members are women. We assist women leaders and entrepreneurs, and encourage business plans that enable women to earn a living.

Peace, justice, and strong institutions: We help to set up, then support, village savings and credit groups. Each group sets its own rules, but they all have the core values of inclusion, participation, transparency, accountability, and mutual respect.

The stronger a village credit and savings group is, the more impact your loan has. That’s why we carefully check how groups are performing. DART ensures that groups uphold their values and serve their   communities over the long term.

Decent work and economic growth: At every level, we promote business skills, local employment, and self-employment. We help small enterprises to thrive by encouraging people to invest in them and by strengthening village credit and savings groups. We help to boost local economies and reduce migration from the villages we work in.

Partnerships to achieve the SDGs: We work with NGOs, government departments, and other organizations to connect people locally and globally. This network approach helps us to share expertise and attract resources so that we achieve the SDGs.