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The Village Invest difference

Loans made via Village Invest go directly to community organizations that we have trained to manage your investments through their village networks without the help of a bank or micro-finance institution. 

We have chosen to work directly with our borrowers through village organizations because we believe that it is the most inclusive and reliable way to invest in changing the lives of the world's poorest people. 

How we choose our communities

The communities we work with belong to the poorest and least connected areas of rural India where people often can not access traditional credit. Instead they resort to money-lenders to finance cash, working capital or start-up needs. 

We use a bespoke rating system (DART) to evaluate community organizations in these areas to make sure that they can repay loans on time and that they are governed fairly and inclusively. 

What we offer to our communities

Because we match lenders directly with communities without the need for third parties, our loans have an affordable interest rate that communities would not otherwise be able to access, in line with that of local banks.

We also offer a unique training program to communities to help them improve their governance. This program is financed through repayments on your loans and through partnerships with local training and support agencies. 

Lasting change

Through our unique loan system and training program we strengthen local communities and empower them to take charge of their own destinies. Strong organizations are able to engage with their local governance structures and the private sector to have their voices heard and to improve their living conditions.

The communites we work with have been successful at lobbying for clean water facilities, better access to government finance and health schemes and at partnering with regional producer companies to expand sales of dairy or agricultural produce.