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Laughing couple pose with buffalo calf

The Maitree Federation serves 42 clusters and helps to provide affordable loans to over 4,500 individuals. Watch the video to hear from the President of the Federation herself and find out how Village Invest loans are changing lives, one step at a time.

Village Invest Jun 6th, 2018
A women logs subscription payments, Duni village, Rajasthan, India

Village Invest Advisor, Carolyn Baker, explains how the organizations handling Village Invest loans are structured in the words of the women who manage them. 

Carolyn Baker May 18th, 2018
A woman and her husband stand with their buffalo and calf. They sell buffalo milk to the Maitree Dairy, Tonk, Rajasthan

In 2002 our partner organization began working in Tonk, Western Rajasthan. With their support, local women have been able to create a dairy collective and ensure that even the most marginalized people in their village are able to earn a fair price for their labor. This blog looks at how the process began and the lasting change these pioneering women are making. 

Harriet Trevor-Allen Jan 23rd, 2018
A mother laughs with her young children as they do their homework, Rajasthan, India.

Jen Mckillips explores the importance of non-profits in communities around the world and how Village Invest is helping her to make a difference on the issues she cares about.

Jen McKillips Dec 14th, 2017
A volunteer leader gives a speech at a community gathering, Madhya Pradesh, India

Custard-apples are vital to the economy in some of the areas we work in but the women who pick them receive little money for their labor. We spoke to our partner organization, SRIJAN, and one off the women involved in making the system fairer for everyone.

Harriet Trevor-Allen Dec 8th, 2017