Upload guide

Instructions for creative work submission


When submitting a photograph for any contest, the Author should send a photograph preview in 72 dpi resolution, JPG format and 1 MB max. file size using the submission form. The minimum dimension of the preview photograph's resolution should be 900x600 px (horizontal photographs), i.e. 600x900 px (vertical photographs).

If the work is selected, the Author will be notified thereof, in which case they shall submit the photograph in its original size with the following minimum specifications:

  • File type: JPG or TIF format
  • Resolution: 300 ppi, min. 9 MP (9 megapixels) with highest quality standards
    *in order to determine the MP of a photograph, multiply its length with its height, e.g. a 3600 px wide and 2500 px high photograph has 9 MP.

The photographs shall not be processed using intensive filters and shall not be over- or underexposed.


The texts should be submitted in one of the following file types: TXT, PDF or DOC, and 2 MB max. file size.


Contract conclusion

After selecting the appropriate photograph, i.e. creative work, the Client shall contact the Author and agree on the further steps with regard to purchasing the work.

Appropriate contracts between the Client (CNTB) and the Author shall be concluded according to which the Author shall, for a fee, permanently cede to the Client the copyright and ownership rights pursuant to the Contract for local use and publication without time restrictions.

The Author shall also authorise the Client, as well as third persons to which the Client transfers such rights, to use the subject matter of the Contract exclusively and without restrictions, which especially includes the following copyright and ownership rights:

  • to reproduce the work (produce copies),
  • to distribute the work (import or export the work),
  • to perform or display the work publicly,
  • to create derivative works,

More information is available here.