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From cattle shed to family savings

Agriculture, Dairy, Livestock
A woman famer carries irrigation pipes through her land, Rajasthan, India
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Lada Devi is 60 years old and lives in Akash cluster, not far from her family. Her three daughters have all already married and left home. Her sons work as laborers and live with her in their small, mud house.

Lada Devi has never been well off. She married into a poor family when she was just 10 years old. She and her husband, who passed away two years ago, worked hard but still couldn’t afford the fees for their children to finish high school.

These days Lada Devi is still working, cultivating a patch of land and tending to livestock. She joined her local women's savings and credit organization, three years ago. With their support, she has been learning the skills vital to business management.

Worth the wait

Lada Devi would like a loan of $1534.80 to buy a buffalo and construct a cattle shed so that she can properly care for, and gradually expand, her livestock. She plans to sell the buffalo milk to the Maitree dairy, a women's collective, which offers her good links to fair market prices.

With the cost of fodder, cattle insurance, artificial insemination and loan repayments Lada Devi knows that it will be two years before she makes a profit. In the meantime the family will continue to get by on what they have now. The wait is worth it for Lada Devi, by the third year she will be making a profit of $574.17, a life changing sum for her – and that’s just one first year!

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