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Dairy business: diversifying income

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Manbhar feeding her chickens
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Manbhar is a very active woman. She is a “kreshi-shaki” - which literally translated means “friend of agricultural activities”, a resource person in her village on agricultural matters.

Thanks to a training course she attended, after being selected by the members of her local community savings and credit organizations, she is now able to give advice and recommendations to the other farmers in her village on how to make the best use of seeds and fertilizers and how to increase yields without spending a fortune. She has set a good example to the other villagers by tripling her crop yield since completing the training.

Manbhar lives with her husband, their two sons, one daughter-in-law and two grand-children. Together, they grow mustard, maize, sorghum and barley on their land. They raise not only cows, buffaloes and goats, but also poultry - they recently bought hens which now produce eggs and chicks which they sell. Manbhar also has an excellent kitchen garden, where she grows tomatoes, chilli, beans and ladies fingers. She shares the seeds and plants with the members of her village bank to encourage them to grow their own kitchen gardens.

Investment opportunity

Manbhar and her family need a loan to buy a buffalo and to build a cattle shed for their animals. Thanks to the additional income they will make from the buffalo milk, they will finish constructing their house and pay for their younger sons’ education. One of her sons wants to become a policeman, which makes her very proud, even if it means he will have to move away from the family. Another wants to become a teacher.

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