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Going places: Moving business site to boost income

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Parveena is a business woman and member of her local savings and credit organization. She runs a cosmetics and accessories stall at her local market in Saki Saheli

Parveena's business is on the main footpath through Saki Saheli's thriving market! Although this may have some positive side effects, for the most part it negatively impacts her profit. Pollution and dust from the footpath damages her stock, forcing her to replace it before it can be sold.

Setting up shop

Having looked at all the options, Parveena has calculated that she would be financially better off if she moved her business from a market stall into a shop building. She is asking for a loan to cover the initial expense of moving business location.

With an estimated income increase of $222 per month in the first year, Parveena is confident that she will be able to meet her monthly repayment plan and will finish repaying the loan after two years. She will also be able to add an extra profit boost by making more bulk stock orders, safe in the knowledge that she will be able to store and display her stock without it getting damaged.

The move will make her fully financially independent for the first time! She's planning to spend the extra income on college fees for her son and daughter so that they have the best possible chance of success in life.