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Grandmother and entrepreneur: improving life one generation at a time

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Ajijan was widowed at a young age and raised her children alone, working as a seamstress to provide for them all. Although she did everything she could for her children, she couldn't afford to send them to school. Instead they began working in a welding workshop at a young age where they learned the skills they needed to be able to provide for themselves and their future families.

Ajijan has always remained ambitious for her family. After three years of working in a welding workshop, Ajijan invested her savings and created a business for her sons, giving them the opportunity to be their own bosses. They now run their own welding workshop and they are already looking to expand.

Expanding the business

Ajijan has been reviewing the family's business and has calculated a way to increase their annual turnover by $5556 in the first year alone! To achieve this she is asking for a loan of $1480 to purchase raw materials in bulk. This will reduce the overall cost of the material and mean that the business is able to accept more orders.

Ajijan predicts that the additional income will immediately boost the family's income and allow them to repay the loan within two years. By the third year she expects the family business to make $1681,28 in profit.

The extra income will be reinvested in the business and, most importantly, in her grandchild's education. Ajijan is determined that nothing will hold him back.