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Investing in construction props: a reliable income

Santosh carries a bowl containing bricks on her head
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Fully funded

Santosh has already borrowed and repaid two small loans from her women's self-help group (women run community level savings & credit organizations, or 'village banks'). One of these loans was for buying a pipe to irrigate her land and the second was for buying a flour mill, which also serves her community as she lets her neighbors use it at a reduced rate.

Her first two investments have helped her family to grow more and better food and to process it, as well as generating some surplus income. The next step is to increase their surplus income, to help pay for a good education for their three children, who are still young – between two and five years of age. 

Investment opportunity

Santosh and her husband already have a business plan, her husband is a mason and he often needs to rent construction props at a high rental fee. Owning their own construction props would not only save them money but could bring in income from rental.

Santosh's husband has already built many houses in their neighborhood, including part of the house they live in and their neighbor's house. They own an old motorbike and her husband could easily transport these new props from one construction site to another helping him to expand his activities to further neighborhoods at reasonable cost.

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