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Investing in dairy goats: a better future for the kids

Sita devi sits with her daughter reading a book
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Promised in marriage at seven, Sita Devi joined her husband and parents-in-law when she turned 15, which is the age her daughter is now. She is very proud that she has been able to continue to send her daughter to school, and strongly believes that by working hard her daughter will be able to train to be a teacher or a doctor, someday.

One of her younger sons already plans to be a policeman … or a pilot, perhaps! She does not want her daughter to suffer as she has suffered and is determined to support her all the way to a bright future. 

She believes that by working hard you can make your dreams come true and that is exactly what she and her husband do. They raise two cows which provide milk for the whole family, they grow various local crops on the small land they own and they do labor work in the neighborhood to make ends meet.

Investment opportunity

They now want to buy some goats to increase their income by selling milk to the Maitree dairy, a women's collective. This will help them to pay for their children's education which means so much to them. Sita also has a private dream, to own a jeep one day so that she can use it as a taxi for other villagers and to drive her daughter to high school. She currently has to make the long trip by herself along a dirt path. 

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