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Investing in new buffalo: better breed for more milk

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Shanti Devi stands in her vegetable garden
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Shanti and her family moved from a small house, in a hamlet, to a farm house closer to their land a few years ago. They grow maize, sorghum, mustard, wheat and barley.

'It's peaceful here', Shanti says. Thanks to previous loans, she transformed a cattle-shed into a comfortable home for her family, built a second room and has started to build a concrete fence, a toilet block and a cattle-shed. 

She also has a large kitchen garden next to her house. She grows oranges, lemons, papayas, guavas, coconuts and pomegranates. She also produces cauliflowers, chillis and other local plants. She has a large water tank which keeps the garden irrigated. 

Investment opportunity

Shanti would like to buy a stronger breed of buffalo than the one she currently has, which only produces around two pints of milk a day when others can yield up to one gallon a day. The addition would help her to significantly increase her milk production and her income. With the help of her new buffalo and by expanding all her activities, she hopes to be able to keep supporting her daughter, Nisha, who is studying in nearby Duni town to become a police constable. Shanti did not have a chance to study: 'It was not that usual to educate your children then. But now things have changed. Children, both boys and girls, can access education' she says.

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