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Investing in protecting crops: a simple fix

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Manwar stands with a role of chicken wire netting
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Fully funded

Manwar lives with her husband, their three children and her father-in-law in a small brick house, with no doors or windows. Even with the income from the surplus mustard and wheat crop they grow on their 2.5 acres of land they find it really hard to save any money. 

Every year, large parts of their crops are destroyed by “rozes”, wild indigenous deer. For this reason, they can not really anticipate how much income they will make from their work in the fields each year and face continuous uncertainty. Manwar sometimes has to break rocks to make additional but vital income. 

Investment opportunity 

An easy solution exists to prevent the deer from causing damage, but Manwar does not have enough money for the wire fences that would protect her land. If all her fields were fenced, yields could easily increase by 50%, she believes. A loan would help her finally buy these fences and get immediate results. 

Once the loan is repaid, thanks to the yield increase, she will prioritize some urgent improvements to her house, starting with adding doors and windows. If the yields increase as expected, she will also get her house connected to the electricity network and put money aside to invest in the education of her three children. 

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