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Lighting up weddings

Business, Small shop
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$1,100 / $1,538

Santokh lives in Akash cluster with her husband, two sons and her mother in law. They own their house and a small plot of land but Santokh is looking for ways to help her children get ahead in life.

Santokh began working as an agricultural laborer soon after her marriage. Despite her very low earnings she managed to save around $46.8 in the first year. Thanks to her determination, extra work as a seamstress and her sister in law's advice she was able to use her savings to start up her own business.

These days Santokh runs her own business selling fabrics, like those in the picture above. She has built up a good reputation in the surrounding area and now has a regular number of customers that she visits, walking from village to village carrying her stock on her head. She now earns around $234 per year, much higher than her earnings as a laborer. Her business experience and steady income has given her the foundations she needed to help her son into business.

A family business plan

Santokh's eldest son is an experienced electrician and is currently working in the city of Jaipur but he would like to come home. Santokh has drawn up the plans for her son's first business which will make him is own boss and bring him closer to home. She is asking for a loan to help set up an electronics shop which her son will run.

But the shop is not all they have in mind, they have spotted a local demand for skills and stock which Santokh's son can deliver. Ellaborate lighting is a common tradition for wedding festivities in this region as so as well as the shop the business will also offer a decoration service. With his experience as an electrician Santokh's son will be able to install the light fittings and decorations on site. Having calculated everything from shop rent to the number of weddings per season the pair are confident that they will be able to repay the loan within three years, leaving them with a profit of around $403 in the first year alone.

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