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A loan to afford more work: making business plans a reality

Small enterprise, Small shop
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Saddam and Ruxanna already run a successful family business making and selling winter bedding. Together they produce and sell cotton pillows, blankets and quilts to support themselves and their two young children.

Their business is doing well but their income is limited; people in the villages surrounding their home only want to buy such warm bedding for three winter months of the year! This means that for the other nine months, the family has no guaranteed source of income and that they are unable to save anything for their longterm future.

Making more work

Their entrepreneurial mindset has helped them find a solution in the form of a closely related business activity. They have decided to open their own clothes shop.

They make all of their bedding items from cotton, so they already work with cotton stockists and are skilled with the material. Ruxanna will make the garments they sell and has researched what is in demand in the local area. They will focus on creating and selling items which are purchased throughout the year and even have a lloyal group of customers, who have seen the quality of their blankets and are eager to buy their clothes. 

Saddam and Ruxanna are asking for a loan of $1480.00, to cover the initial costs of expanding their business. Once open, their clothes shop will boost their profits by at least $758 every year, providing them with enough extra income to pay back their loan within 2 years and save for the future at the same time! Eventually the money will pay school, and maybe even college, fees for their two children.