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Loan to increase goat herd

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Sharma Devi and her husband Udda Gurgar live with their young children under a very small shelter, made of wood and tin. However, they feel very proud of what they have managed to achieve so far.

Thanks to a first loan, five years ago, they purchased a goat. Little by little, with the milk and the kids their goat brought them, they have expanded their herd, yielding more milk for themselves and more kids for sale. They now own eleven goats and two cows, which are a good source of milk, income and pride. 

Their daughter goes to school and their little boy has not yet reached school age. Thanks to their goats, they believe they will manage to pay for a good education for their daughter and son – and this is their ambition. 

Investment opportunity

Sharma and Udda both enjoy raising goats and they have a clear business plan for growth. Their next goal is to almost double their herd. They are looking for a loan to buy ten more goats, in addition to the eleven goats they already have, and to build a goat shed. 

They have managed to gradually grow their business by saving as they have gone along. Eventually, they hope they will be able to increase their herd up to 50 goats.