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Practicing what you teach

Agriculture, Livestock, Dairy
A woman tends to her crops near her home in Rajasthan, India
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$0 / $1,540

Ladi lives in Devkheda village with her husband Bhura, their children and her husband’s parents. Ladi takes care of the whole household and is determined to provide the best future she can for all of her children.

Ladi’s eledest son is 21, he has just finished his studies and is looking for work. Their second child is 20, he failed his university entrance exams last year which affected the family badly but with their support he is studying to retake them this year. Ladi’s younger son works as a tractor driver and has his own home. Although they are almost grown up, Ladi and Bhura want to continue supporting their education and training so that they have the best chances of finding good jobs.

Ladi and Bhura work in agriculture. They own a small plot of land where they grow mustard and care for two buffalo whose milk they sell to a local dairy. They work hard and are investing everything they can in their children.

Since joining her local village savings and credit organization five years ago, Ladi has been working as a volunteer. She trains other women in best agricultural practice.

Securing their own land

With her good farming knowledge Ladi knows she isn’t getting the most out of her own land so she is looking for a loan of $1440. She will use $770 of the loan to invest in fencing to protect her crops from the wild animals that eat them.

With the other half of her loan Ladi plans to buy a new buffalo. Their existing income will cover the cost of the extra fodder and cattle insurance and the buffalo milk that they sell will give them the extra income they need to put some aside and meet all of their repayment installments. The family expect to be able to repay their loan within three years and to make profit from the first 12 months. Year on year Ladi will be able to increase her savings and the family's prospects.