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Seed and fertilizer business: keeping a family together

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Asaram Devi sits outside his home with his mother
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Asaram Devi is 23 years old and training to be a teacher. He has been married for four years. He lives with his mother Pana and two of his sisters. Two other sisters have married and left home. The youngest of his sisters wants to train to be a teacher and he supports her dream.

He is an entrepreneur who is passionate about business and he sees his future as a businessman. He would prefer to remain in Jyotishna and support his widowed mother and sisters as long as they need him. But he is concerned that he may have to go away to get a government job as there are not many local opportunities.

Asaram’s father died when his children were small in 2003 and his mother became ill with glaucoma a few years later. Now she can not see properly from one eye.

Investment opportunity 

Asaram plans to open a seed and fertilizer business which he plans to expand to other villages. He wants to build a warehouse on his land and buy fertilizer and seeds wholesale.

He plans to sell the most common sorts of fertiliser and a variety of seeds of lower and higher quality including wheat and mustard varieties.

He anticipates that he can sell to 150 households in his own village and possibly to neighboring hamlets too. He hopes to have a market of around 300 households in total.

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