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$800 / $1,226
A woman milks her buffalo, Rajasthan, India


Agricultural products, Dairy, Livestock

Gajara married her husband Lalaram when she was just 12 years old. The couple are struggling to pay school fees and would like a loan to make sure their kids can stay in education.

$200 / $768
A woman crouches to harvest crops on her leased land, Rajasthan, India


Agricultural products, Farming

Indra and her husband don't have enough income to save for the future. They want to invest in their farming to make their work more profitable and boost their income enough to start saving money.

$1,555 Fully funded
Manwar stands with a role of chicken wire netting


Agriculture, Agricultural products

Manwar is looking for a loan to buy fences to prevent crop destrution by wild animals. She and her husband currently lose more than 50% of their wheat and sorghum crop each year.