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$1,480 Fully funded
A business woman poses at her cosmetics and accessories stall at Sakii Saheli market, Rajasthan, India


Small shop, Business, Small enterprise

Parveena is a small business owner from Saki Saheli cluster in Rajasthan. She's looking for a loan to make herself financially independent. 

$500 / $1,538


Industry, Business, Agriculture

Prem Devi is illiterate and missed out on an education before getting married at the age of 18. She and her husband work several jobs. They would like a loan to expand their family business and have a more stable income. 

$1,100 / $1,538


Business, Small shop

Santokh worked her way from farm laborer to business owner. Now she wants to give her son the head start she didn't have; she is applying for a loan to help set up his business.

$0 / $1,560
A woman demonstrates how to fertilize crops, North West India


Agriculture, Small shop, Business

Asha shoulders enormous responsibilities. Since her parents and parents-in-law passed away she has been running her household whilst working in the fields and training other women improve their agricultural practices.