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$1,534.80 Fully funded
A woman famer carries irrigation pipes through her land, Rajasthan, India


Agriculture, Dairy, Livestock

Lada Devi is a 60 year old widow. She and her husband were never well off and couldn't afford to pay their children's school fees long enough for them to finish high school. She still lives with two of her sons and they all work as farm laborers. She would like to invest in their livestock and make sure that she can start saving for her, and her children's future.

$800 / $1,226
A woman milks her buffalo, Rajasthan, India


Agricultural products, Dairy, Livestock

Gajara married her husband Lalaram when she was just 12 years old. The couple are struggling to pay school fees and would like a loan to make sure their kids can stay in education.

$0 / $1,540
A woman tends to her crops near her home in Rajasthan, India


Agriculture, Livestock, Dairy

Ladi lives with her husband, their children and her husband’s parents. She takes care of the whole household and is determined to provide the best possible future for all of her children. She is looking for a loan to invest in their land and cattle. 

$0 / $1,565
A woman stands with her buffalo in Rajasthan, North West India


Dairy, Livestock, Education

Kanta and her family have overcome big setbacks in the past few years. Now back on track they want to a loan to increase their milk production. The extra income will help pay school and college fees and protect them against future disasters.