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$1,480 Fully funded
A woman stiches a cotton blanket for her small business, Saki Saheli, Rajasthan, India


Small enterprise, Small shop

Saddam and Ruxanna already run a successful family business making and selling winter bedding. They're looking for a loan to expand into a business that will be profitable all year round. 

$1,480 Fully funded
A business woman poses at her cosmetics and accessories stall at Sakii Saheli market, Rajasthan, India


Small shop, Business, Small enterprise

Parveena is a small business owner from Saki Saheli cluster in Rajasthan. She's looking for a loan to make herself financially independent. 

$1,100 / $1,538


Business, Small shop

Santokh worked her way from farm laborer to business owner. Now she wants to give her son the head start she didn't have; she is applying for a loan to help set up his business.

$0 / $1,560
A woman demonstrates how to fertilize crops, North West India


Agriculture, Small shop, Business

Asha shoulders enormous responsibilities. Since her parents and parents-in-law passed away she has been running her household whilst working in the fields and training other women improve their agricultural practices.