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$1,480 Fully funded
A business woman poses at her cosmetics and accessories stall at Sakii Saheli market, Rajasthan, India


Small shop, Business, Small enterprise

Parveena is a small business owner from Saki Saheli cluster in Rajasthan. She's looking for a loan to make herself financially independent. 

$1,534.80 Fully funded
A woman famer carries irrigation pipes through her land, Rajasthan, India


Agriculture, Dairy, Livestock

Lada Devi is a 60 year old widow. She and her husband were never well off and couldn't afford to pay their children's school fees long enough for them to finish high school. She still lives with two of her sons and they all work as farm laborers. She would like to invest in their livestock and make sure that she can start saving for her, and her children's future.

$463.86 Fully funded
A woman stands outside her home in Rajasthan, North West India



Shimla Devi and her husband husband Chandi live in a  small, mud and stone house. They are looking for a loan to protect their land, help increase their profits and give them the added income they need to give their girls a better home. 

$800 / $1,226
A woman milks her buffalo, Rajasthan, India


Agricultural products, Dairy, Livestock

Gajara married her husband Lalaram when she was just 12 years old. The couple are struggling to pay school fees and would like a loan to make sure their kids can stay in education.