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Kiran cluster

Agriculture, Agricultural products, Tailoring, Dressmaking, Sewing, Small enterprise
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Kiran cluster is made up of three dry, rocky hamlets lying south-east of Jaipur. The villagers here are mainly rural tenant farmers working in agriculture.

Over the years much of the land holding has passed out of the hands of villagers to money-lenders and most are now share-croppers that receive around 50% of the value of their harvest. Soil nutrition in the area is low and crops are not always plentiful. Many villagers are turning to livestock rearing for milk production, but need capital to purchase animals.

A lack of local opportunity has driven many young people from the villages to Jaipur for work. This leaves the younger children to share the burden of livestock rearing, distracting them from their school work. To make ends meet, much of the adult population labor in nearby stone quarries. The villagers want to build up their economy to encourage young people to stay. 

The local savings and credit organization has already had some success in influencing change and have organized meetings with local officials to demand action on water shortages. The women have also discovered a new found freedom to travel and can now move more freely without the permission of their husbands. Milk production and sale is supported by the Maitree Dairy and local partner, SRIJAN.

Communities in this area are looking for loans for dairy livestock and small businesses.