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Saki Saheli cluster

Small enterprise, Agriculture, Business, Agricultural products, Small shop
Yellow rating
Low risk

Saki Saheli cluster is a thriving rural market hub, situated close to the main road to Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan. Literacy levels here are above the national average and there is a high concentration of colleges and private schools. 

Unusually for the region, Saki Saheli has more girls than boys in its youth population and most families are very ambitious for their children. In fact, the ultimate goal of most families requesting a loan is to secure better education and training for their children. 

The local savings and credit organization in Saki Saheli was formed in 2011 and now has over 100 members. A few families in the area depend on agriculture, but the majority of people here are entrepreneurs. From truck decorators and welders to beauty salons and wedding sound system providers, there are a wide range of thriving small businesses. As a result, most loan requests in Saki Saheli are made with the aim of scaling up existing business activities, or launching  auxiliary ones, rather than for setting up brand new enterprises. This lowers the risk to lenders and borrowers alike. It also means that most households here require larger loans than those in more farming-dependent clusters. 

In our most recent rating assessment, 29 families achieved yellow or green status and are ready to receive your loans. In total, they require around $30,000 which they will pay back in monthly or seasonal installments.

Each time a borrower repays an installment of their loan, their local savings and credit organization will re-release the funds, as a loan, to the next qualified member. This system ensures that as many families as possible benefit from your investment!